In the world of Emech, lies a dark forgotten, know as the land of Hanreich. The land around looks relatively safe, but that is only to the unwary traveler. The Capital of Highpass governs over this small, secluded region of the world. The only other cities of note are Venthor, Brinkleton and Thordaine. This land is richly populated with humans, though other strange creatures have been noted to be blended into the humanistic society. A rare half-orc or elf can be seen working in the household of a rich man, but rarely do any demi-humans roam freely in this area. semi-rich forest cover the inland of Hanreich, with a vast sea at its western border. A few caravans manage to make it into the lands to bring in rare supplies, but rarely does the same caravan get seen twice in Hanreich. Most of the land is flat with a hill or two deep into the forest, but only the most experienced of hunters dare to venture that far into… dark territory.

Catacombs of Corruption